About Me

I’m fascinated about the way social life works … and can be made to work better. Good meetings, good teams, good workshops and good conferences – to mention but a few – all add quality to our work and public life. Good conversations, good friends and good relationships enrich our private life. How do we get to these good states? Many of the things that enhance public and private life are known, often well known. Others are not and poor solutions abound. HL Mencken famously said that, “For every human problem there is an answer which is neat simple and wrong”.

In this blog I’d like to explore ideas and research which might be right. If they are also neat and simple – and the good news is that sometimes they are – so much the better. As I wander along the various social science paths that might lead to some of these answers my intention is to intrigue and provoke my readers and perhaps tempt them to debate. I’ll be happy to stray across disciplinary boundaries and speculate about cross connections. From my life as an academic I know all too well that there are little pools of researchers and theorists who talk only to each other, while nearby a separate pool talks about the same phenomena under different labels. Better to transgress than stay isolated is my motto. It will be nice if a few others wander with me!

I live in Canberra, Australia’s national capital. I used to teach sociology, in NZ from 1970-1974 and at the ANU 1975-1997. Then I got to be a consultant and I do a wide range of facilitation work, workshops, executive coaching etc.

Find me on Twitter: @StephenMugford or email me stephen.mugford@qqsr.com


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