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On Line ‘Conversations’: How Well Can We Make Them Work?

Can you have a conversation on line? That question has intrigued me for a while and so I was greatly stimulated by an exchange between two very thoughtful bloggers, both of whom I am learning a lot from (I recommend … Continue reading

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Synergy or Dysergy: Do We Kid Ourselves We Have Been Synergic When Really We Have Pruned The Outliers?

In my last post, I talked about squeaky wheels and suchlike, arguing that to ensure that all voices get heard we need to ensure that people get their ideas sorted out individually ahead of any collective discussion. For most purposes, … Continue reading

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Missing Voices and Squeaky Wheels: How to Make Sure Everyone Is heard

I had a salutary experience some years ago about missing important inputs to a discussion. It turned out well in the end but I learned a lesson about was how easy it is to use everyday practices without too much … Continue reading

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Top down or bottom up? Leadership and groups in chaotic, complex or complicated contexts

Do groups need leaders or can they simply self-organise? This question is in the air—or maybe I am just noticing it today. Over the weekend my colleague Don Lowe emailed about ‘facilitator free interaction’ and a loosely related idea—‘senius’ (which … Continue reading

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Bread Pudding and Life: Thoughts for Designing Social Systems That Work

I promised to write about things that make social life work. One of them is recipe knowledge for locally stable, or ‘robust’ activities. Let me explain … Every morning my partner Pamela and I make breakfast. Usually we share the … Continue reading

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